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  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
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  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

The Fight Against Poverty

Helping Impoverished Communities in Gauteng

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation is a non profit organization working with indigent children and their caregivers in impoverished township communities within Gauteng.

We believe in addressing poverty alleviation holistically through food security & social upliftment programmes as well as opportunities to develop skills.

Giving life a meaning and adding meaning to life

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Education: The Key To A Future

We have worked in the area for long enough to recognise that the ONLY way out of this dire poverty is education....

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Sediba Thuto Primary School

Many of the pupils attending the school come from child headed /grandmother headed households...

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Community vegetable garden

We transformed a rubbish dump behind Sediba Thuto Primary school in Mapetla Soweto...

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Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre

The SPCC is our informal partner. This organisation of social workers and counsellors...

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Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today I took a walk and snapped away at some homes in the hood where my favourite people live. Imagine this was your neighbourhood, that one of these flimsy shacks was all that stood between you and the weather, maybe you and angry rampaging gangs of youth. How our government has made these people live like this, how they have dehumanised them, its so painful. We who dont live there are so conspicuous - especially those of us with paler complexions.
Its overwhelming to feel so much a part of these wonderful people who find reason to smile and look out for one another. They laugh and celebrate life, unlike so many people I know who really have so little to moan about, yet see only negativity. Those of us who come to help are well known with the locals, those beautiful polite people who understand that blankets are given to homes with children first, if there are any left then others will get (no, there never are any left). `There is a special place in heaven for the people who suffer so terribly as these people do. No one understands forgiveness like these folk do. #Resoect #Love #Saluteyou

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The day I dreaded, fetching chained squatter camp dogs to be taken for sterilization to an Incredible vet who charges cost prices for poor creatures from these circumstances. Well.... What a day! Remember the dog who was chained with a wire collar which was digging into his neck? Vicious and dangerous animal. Look at him now that he has a normal collar and is on a runner: a happy chappy running around. This was the boy that could only be handled on a long pole, mouth bloodied from trying to chew the wire constraining him. Next week he gets sterilized. He has become too sociable. Brilliant morning. ...

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Update on Mishack and Shadrack, the cerebral palsy twins: they were placed in an institution for a mere 4 months where they lost over a third of their body weight. Its Life Isidimeni again, just watching while the most helpless of children fade away. They were removed from this home and taken straight to a huge provincial hospital where again, the doctor noted that they had gone from over 15kg to less than 10kg, but reporting this neglect was not on his agenda.
I have gone to 2 media publications with these details, someone has to investigate this home. 30 Life Esidimeni survivors are living there as well. I will take nappies to them in a weeks time, thank you to those who assisted, I am going to buy nappies for mom with money collected.

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation
Standard Bank Balfour Park
Branch Code: 051001
Account no: 331 784 408

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You think life is difficult? Heres something to ponder: Mishack and Shadrack are the 9 year -old twins who were born at a provincial hospital by caesarian section 3 DAYS after their mother went into labour. They both have cerebral palsy - Shadrack's limbs contort into the most unnatural positions and he cries in pain every minute of the day. I have assisted them with disability equipment, handouts, accessing a lawyer who will sue the hospital and even re-homed their suffering dog. This fantastic mom managed to avert the most disastrous deformities of their upper and lower limbs. Boy does she love them!
I tried to get them into a fantastic school but they are not zoned for it. They are zoned for a school which is hell - on - earth.
Mom found a school somewhere out there........
I went to visit last week and they were home, strange because the school term had started.
The boys had arrived home for the july school break very thin. It appeared that they were just too much for the school to handle, it takes long to feed them as the stiffness of their condition leads to difficulty in swallowing. No one had put in any extra effort, how they must have cried from hunger. In addition, they have tight and contracted limbs and Shadrack is chair- shaped. And he is in such pain. We had averted this for years!!!!!!
This absurd neglect is from a school which was meant to take the burden off his mom.
His hands are twisted backwards and both of their feet face downwards and inwards. They are 'stuck' in that position.
It puts a new light on to unfair. This is a difficult life.....

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