• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

The Fight Against Poverty

Helping Impoverished Communities in Gauteng

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation is a non profit organization working with indigent children and their caregivers in impoverished township communities within Gauteng.

We believe in addressing poverty alleviation holistically through food security & social upliftment programmes as well as opportunities to develop skills.

Giving life a meaning and adding meaning to life

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Education: The Key To A Future

We have worked in the area for long enough to recognise that the ONLY way out of this dire poverty is education....

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Sediba Thuto Primary School

Many of the pupils attending the school come from child headed /grandmother headed households...

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Community vegetable garden

We transformed a rubbish dump behind Sediba Thuto Primary school in Mapetla Soweto...

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Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre

The SPCC is our informal partner. This organisation of social workers and counsellors...

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To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


2 weeks ago

Boikanyo, The Dion Herson Foundation

This one is for all of us who go the extra length for others, fighting, challenging systems for total strangers. We put ourselves in direct danger yet we cannot stop. Lightbearers. Ever wonder why, try this one.... THE SENSITIVE ONES

Do not be ashamed of your sensitivity. It has brought you many riches. You see what others cannot see, feel what others are ashamed to feel. You are more open, less numb. You find it harder to turn a blind eye. You have not closed your heart, in spite of everything. You are able to hold the most intense highs and the darkest lows in your loving embrace.

Celebrate your sensitivity! It has kept you flexible and open. You have remained close to wonder. And awareness burns brightly in you.

Don't compare yourself with others. Don't expect them to understand. But teach them: It’s okay to feel, deeply. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to play on the raw edge of life.

Life may seem ‘harder’ for you at times, and often you are close to overwhelm. But it’s harder still to repress your overwhelming gifts.

Sensitive ones, bring some gentleness into this weary world!

Shine on with courageous sensitivity!

You are the light bearers!

- Jeff Foster

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Acceptance of things we cannot change is one of the most profound things learned from the magnificent grandmothers who are left to care for profoundly brain damaged grandchildren. This picture was taken in rural KZN. Such is the legacy of AIDS. These women still manage to live, laugh and love. Some of them tell us that this child is the best thing that ever happened to them. Poor, no home, no medical care, no government support, no school, no food....only unconditional love. What a shining example to the world. ...

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