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The Fight Against Poverty

Helping Impoverished Communities in Gauteng

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation is a non profit organization working with indigent children and their caregivers in impoverished township communities within Gauteng.

We believe in addressing poverty alleviation holistically through food security & social upliftment programmes as well as opportunities to develop skills.

Giving life a meaning and adding meaning to life

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Education: The Key To A Future

We have worked in the area for long enough to recognise that the ONLY way out of this dire poverty is education....

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Sediba Thuto Primary School

Many of the pupils attending the school come from child headed /grandmother headed households...

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Community vegetable garden

We transformed a rubbish dump behind Sediba Thuto Primary school in Mapetla Soweto...

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Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre

The SPCC is our informal partner. This organisation of social workers and counsellors...

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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins


Today I took the worlds best mother to see her twin boys who are now residents of Little Eden Society, a care facility which is holy in my books. She has missed them desperately, they both lost over a third of their body weight at the last home, Korekile. I have set the cavalry on Korekile, I await follow up from the various govt departments who have gone to inspect conditions there. There are 31 Life Isidimeni survivors who have been placed there. Anyway, here is my Queen Mom, seeing Mishack and Shadrack for the first time in 6 weeks. Thanks to Caylin Firer for these pics. ...

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2 weeks ago

Boikanyo, The Dion Herson Foundation

The Amazing Journey Fun Day ...

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Thanks to the people who have donated to assist with suffering animals in the squatter camp. Boikanyo DHF doesn't officially look after animals, but we cannot allow suffering of any sort and setting an example to children of being kind, is sometimes good enough. We have been doing rounds with the animal inspector now every second Wednesday, we have sterilised 5 animals, treated one dog with mange, supplied deworming medication to many animals, and taken poisoned animals to the vet. This cat was partially paralysed, he had been poisoned. His owner was distraught. He was taken to the magnificent Orion Vet, who treated him, he has recovered and is back home. The dog with mange is getting better weekly, there is such ignorance surrounding mange in these areas. Dogs are literally chased away and land up sleeping outside their owners homes, they have no idea what they have done wrong. ...

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Our Amazing Journey reward party for the 60 + children who regularly attended the maths and psychosocial program that we have been running since January at a very impoverished high school in Soweto was simply phenomenal. The children who took the program seriously were the ones who had so little in terms of life, to educate and reward them at the same time was phenomenal.
WarriorRic was the MC, he was amazing. He inspired and sang and kept the party together. VML SA with Hayley leading the huge group (both sponsors and organisers), got stuck in with soccer, games, bracelet making, and of course the pizzas that the children made from scratch. Some tasted pizza (and mushrooms) for the first time yesterday, and did maths calculations over pizza toppings. Grace planted trees with the groups and spoke about our precious earth.
There is one huge incredible art mural that is drying right now, the creative genius of Hayleys team.
Jerry from Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre got them thinking about kindness to all creatures, and the Hartbeespoort Zoo brought animals along. For the first time children saw snakes etc. They loved it. There were trees for children to take home with a bag of compost as well thanks to Schafflers Garden Nursery.
Stallion Security sponsored and brought volunteers who joined the colour coded groups of children, everyone bonded over the various activities. Clive Zulberg, your team was inspirational, thank you.
Genesis Steel thank you for your very generous sponsorship. David Gouldie thank you for those gazebos and tables.
To Carli Bassin who put all of this together, you did a magnificent job. Those children have a memory that is indelibly etched in their minds. Few care about them, it's so nice to show them that we have cared all along.

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On Thursday morning we will be rewarding the 60 children who regularly attended our maths and psychosocial program on a Saturday morning, with a day of fun and excitement. As it turned out, the children who participated are the most needy. We recently found our that this bunch of 60 are the most disadvantaged. They have little hope for the future and yet they haven't given up on themselves. So their reward will be bountiful.
Herewith the first delivery of the day, thanks to Schafflers Garden Nursery, 60 trees, one for each to take home with compost. Thanks so far to Clive Zulberg who has helped all the way with just everything, especially accessing sponsorship. VML SA who is bringing so many volunteers, along with games galore, VML is supplying the lunch pizza that each will make. Carli Bassin thank you are just amazing. Thank you for putting everything together. Wait until the children see the Hartbeespoort zoo, who will bring animals and explain just why it's important not to kill animals, no matter how different they are, we share our environment with others. Then they will all make a magnificent artwork from waste, and leave with handouts galore, and a voucher for a pair of school shoes.

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