Hope Bracelet

Hope Bracelet


Give Hope A Chance.

Get your chakra/ lava stone bracelet and help us give hope to those in need.

*All proceeds go towards uplifting the lives of child-headed households in Soweto, South Africa

**Delivery expected within 20-30 days.

Please note: If you are having trouble using our payment gateways, kindly make an EFT to the following account and send us proof of payment:

Standard Bank Balfour Park
Branch Code: 051001
Account no: 331 784 408

Please send proof of payment to letstalk@boikanyo.org.za

If you have any difficulties ordering or would like some assistance please email letstalk@boikanyo.org.za we would love to help make the process easier ūüôā¬†


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Product Description

This chakra bracelet is for healing and balancing energies. Their balancing powers allow you to live your life as healthy and happily as possible.

Each bead gives its own mineral.

The 7 energies/ chakra’s are:

  • solar plexus -upper abdomen and stomach area (yellow) – learning – balances diabetes, digestive problems, consipation, memory loss
  • heart (green) – family time – balances heart and breathing problems, high blood pressure, breast cancer, muscle tension
  • throat (blue) –¬†singing – balances thyroid problems, hormonal issues, mood swings, menopause, fever
  • sacral/ spleen (orange/brown) – massage – balances depression, allergies, drug and alcohol abuse, infections
  • crown or top of the head (violet) – reaching your dreams and connecting spiritually – balances headaches, mental illness, lack of co-ordination
  • brow (indigo) – ¬†meditation and relaxation – balances learning disabilities, sleep disorder
  • base of the spine (red) – for restful sleep and good exercise – balances fatigue, low back pain, depression


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