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  • NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

What We Do

Our aim is to use these programmes to change the general prevailing mind set of hopelessness and helplessness existing among our target group.

Many of our beneficiaries live in informal settlements known as squatter camps. Others live in rented shacks erected in the yards of existing houses with no access to water, toilets or electricity. The remainder live in overcrowded hostels with up to 20 people sharing a 2 bedroomed unit. Overcrowding, starvation/malnutrition, illness and a general sense of despair prevails.

What We Do

Have a Heart campaign

This ongoing campaign reflects the heart of our NGO – our love, passion and commitment...

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Sediba Thuto Primary School

Many of the pupils attending the school come from child headed /grandmother headed households...

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Community vegetable garden

We transformed a rubbish dump behind Sediba Thuto Primary school in Mapetla Soweto...

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Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre

The SPCC is our informal partner. This organisation of social workers and counsellors...

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Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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