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Improving Maths Skills – Noah Project

We have been involved with 5 schools since we arrived in the area in 2012, working with children from grade R through to matric. We want to see children finishing school and not dropping out. We recognised that the standard of education needed to be uplifted, to this end we introduced various initiatives which have gone a long way in bringing dignity and support to the children, parents and staff.

The schools we assist are mainly Section 20 schools. These schools are fully funded by the provincial government and are not allowed to charge school fees. Classes are huge, the teacher/pupil ratio is skewed, and there is a shortage of suitably qualified teachers. Our focus was originally on supplying schoolchildren with sanitary pads, school shoes and socks. For the last few years however we have been focusing on maths and life skills.

In 2018 We sponsored extra maths lessons for over 200 grade 9 children at a nearby high school. The results were very good. In 2019 we began an entirely new program – the Noah Project . This Noah Project offered over 200 grade 8 learners at a local high school a monitored and evaluated Asian experiential maths program. This program took learners back to grade 4 maths, slotting in the foundation that they missed. Life skills were included. It ran for the duration of 2019. The results were phenomenal. It took place on a Saturday morning. A nutritional supplement, Epap, was given to the children before the start of the lessons.

In 2020 the Noah program will be expanded to a primary school. This time it will include both grade 4 and 5 learners. This too will have maths and a life skills component, as with the last program (see results below Noah Impact Report).

Noah Impact Report NOV 2019


      • Maths education augmented for hundreds of grade 8 and 9 children.
      • Life skills for hundreds of children who live in abject poverty.
      • We keep children in school, progressing as far as possible with maths.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Heavens very special angels sent to us to care for...Burgersfort fitting 11 children into buggies beginning of Feb....some mothers have such challenges.
Bless these little ones.
We need to renovate more buggies to take to more deep rural areas. R5000 per buggy. Children at last can sit, eat, speak better, eat better and live a better quality of life with buggies. New ones are just unaffordable for these children.

Next stop is Mpumalanga within the next few weeks. A group of little ones living in a deep rural area there is about to get their delivery.

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Just returned home from a round -the- town trip from Protea South squatter camp to Woodrock Animal Rescue in Hennops River. Gideon Morar from
Gideon's Animal Outreach joined us on a visit to educate and assist with pets in the squatter camp. We picked up this little laddie, literally on his last legs. So thin, lethargic and anaemic, he just stood, he couldnt much move. Little guy was taken to Woodrock, emergency rehydration given, and rushed off to the vet. Turns out its just sheer neglect: worms, and covered in ticks and fleas. He is gonna be fine. He will be snapped up for adoption quickly, he is just gorgeous. Wendy Rubenstein

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3 weeks ago

Boikanyo, The Dion Herson Foundation
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Sunday was one of those special days that are forever etched in ones mind: the fitting of cerebral palsy children in rural Limpopo into buggies. A gift from above. There is something so ethereal in knowing that you have done something for a child which will enhance their lives, enable them to eat better, speak better, and perhaps live longer. The look on a child of 11's face who is sitting without flopping over for the first time in their lives is unforgettable. Such was the day. Just unreal.

Thanks goes to the following people, organisations and companies: The Paige Project, Amy Pogir, Value Logistics, Geppettos World, Wendy Rubenstein, Shirley Norval, Kirsty Watts Foundation, Light A Sparke

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This morning the most special company, Value Logistics, came to collect buggies to be sent up to a group of cerebral palsy children who live in the middle of rural nowhere - Burgersfort Limpopo. These children were born with cerebral palsy and some are teenagers already. They have either been carried around up until now, or have had to stay at home when the family go out.
The Paige Project sourced the pre owned buggies, a group of very special grade 11 s from King David High School raised the money to renovate them. Judy Winer from Light A Sparke organised umteen blankets as has Wendy Rubenstein. Geppettos World has donated therapy mats for this little centre in a place forgotten.
Next weekend is the fitting, we will be making our way out there.

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