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  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
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  • Branch Code: 051001
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Improving Maths Skills – Noah Project

We have been involved with 5 schools since we arrived in the area in 2012, working with children from grade R through to matric. We want to see children finishing school and not dropping out. We recognised that the standard of education needed to be uplifted, to this end we introduced various initiatives which have gone a long way in bringing dignity and support to the children, parents and staff.

The schools we assist are mainly Section 20 schools. These schools are fully funded by the provincial government and are not allowed to charge school fees. Classes are huge, the teacher/pupil ratio is skewed, and there is a shortage of suitably qualified teachers. Our focus was originally on supplying schoolchildren with sanitary pads, school shoes and socks. For the last few years however we have been focusing on maths and life skills.

In 2018 We sponsored extra maths lessons for over 200 grade 9 children at a nearby high school. The results were very good. In 2019 we began an entirely new program – the Noah Project . This Noah Project offered over 200 grade 8 learners at a local high school a monitored and evaluated Asian experiential maths program. This program took learners back to grade 4 maths, slotting in the foundation that they missed. Life skills were included. It ran for the duration of 2019. The results were phenomenal. It took place on a Saturday morning. A nutritional supplement, Epap, was given to the children before the start of the lessons.

In 2020 the Noah program will be expanded to a primary school. This time it will include both grade 4 and 5 learners. This too will have maths and a life skills component, as with the last program (see results below Noah Impact Report).

Noah Impact Report NOV 2019


      • Maths education augmented for hundreds of grade 8 and 9 children.
      • Life skills for hundreds of children who live in abject poverty.
      • We keep children in school, progressing as far as possible with maths.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


A million thanks to everyone who has donated so far to the handout next Tuesday to hundreds of starving people. We have R35000 which will buy a nutritious and enriched ePap meal a day for 583 adults for 3 weeks (maybe the length of the extension of our lockdown?). e'Pap Technology contains much of the vitamins and goodness that we need to keep us going through the day.
Thank you to Rose Grealy Kransdorff of ePap who has been so kind and generous.
We also have vegetable packs being handed out by Khanyi Chaba, grateful thanks to her.
Amanda TMathebula has organised the handout, from ward councillor to the recreation centre and beneficiaries. She is a phenomenon.
The beneficiaries all live in Eldorado Park. They are from the overcrowded flats in the area, as well as shacks all around. Elderly grandmothers who look after scores of grandchildren have been invited, as have families who live in shacks in the vicinity. Shack dwellers from nearby Kliptown(very poverty stricken suburb) have also been invited. We are waiting for the final tally of donations and tomorrow morning we can place the order with ePap. The more that comes in, the more we can feed from Kliptown.
You out there are simply amazing. Thank you, and sleep easier knowing that 534+ people will be fed during this disastrous time.

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I cannot stand the hunger out there anymore. I need to go hand out in the squatter camp.The poor have started only eating mielie pap again, they are not buying meat, chicken or dairy anymore. Those images of the gogo’s and their multitude of grandchildren living in such poverty,who go hungry every night.

I would like to organise sachets of ePap ( fortified food) which I will hand out to my community of squatter residents. This at least will give them adequate nutrition.
I need a substantial amount to hand out though, one cannot arrive in an area of desperate starving people and only give a few. My safety will be in danger. I hope to hand out parcels for 4 family members.

Please help me by donating to
Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation
Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
SWIFT (International donations) SBZAZAJJ

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Tonight we begin lockdown for 21 days to try stop the virus from spreading. I worry about the families who are on top of one another up in one roomed shacks. How can they not get irritated and frustrated. I worry about the animal neglect because many are not working for 21 days and cannot feed their families, let alone pets. I worry about cruelty in general. May we succeed in halting the spread to a population who are immunocompromised and have inadequate nutrition. May there just be a merciful God up there. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica. ...

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Live broadcast from Gauteng government: if you know of someone in need of food during the lockdown (the poor) , you can phone 0800 428 8364 and food supplies will be delivered for the less fortunate. Please share. ...

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Covid 19, here is a wonderful video on how the virus is spread. Please show whomever you can , and share. video is an example of how quickly bacteria and viruses can spread, and how easy it is to get infected without even thinking about it.

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