• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Sediba Thuto Primary School


Located in Mapetla, Soweto, our 1000m sq vegetable garden is planted on the former rubbish dump of this school.

We recognised that the standard of education needed to be uplifted in this school, to this end we introduced various initiatives which have gone a long way in bringing dignity and support to the children, parents and staff at the school.

Most of the pupils attending this school are from child /grandmother/sick mother headed households.  Since our arrival in 2012, we have been integral to the school’s survival and success (our thriving vegetable garden project as well as assistance in times of need). This is the only Tswana speaking school in the area and closure of this school will be very costly for parents who want an education in Tswana.

  • We have not only restocked a looted Grade 0/R classrooms, provided emotional support after a scandal erupted, and financed emergency infrastructure repairs, but we have provided enrichment programs and hosted educational and fun events in which learners have been involved.
  • Through networking and collaboration with the Kirsty Watts Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education, a new grade R classroom was built out of recycled bottles. This was necessary to alleviate overcrowding.
  • We have supplied nearly 200 children with school shoes, thanks to the Kirsty Watts Foundation, The Angel Network, and private funding.
  • We assist desperately impoverished children by buying school uniforms.
  • Parents/caregivers from this school access vegetables easily and very reasonably from the vegetable garden on the property.


  • 1800+ children reached since 2012
  • R1.87m saved by the community just because the school remained open and there was access to free education for these children.
  • Access to learning for Tswana children.
  • New classroom has increased capacity and reduced overcrowding and increased the potential of the school to be one of preschool excellence
  • Our efforts have resulted in a the school being uplifted and the infrastructure improved.
  • We have impacted the NGO’s working at the school who dont have to relocate, the school itself, parents/caregivers, teachers, learners, the community and the Department of Education.



A brand new grade R classroom built from recycled water bottles                             New school uniforms




                          New school shoes











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Anthony Robbins


Another rough day in the squatter camp. Trying to get the mother of this baby to give this little one to her aunt to look after. Aunt looks after her other 2 (older one pictured here). Our priority is 'best interests of the child', it has to be. Mom can barely care for herself and has had the most tragic life,she has known such violence. Story is very complicated, but the idea is to assist her and not to take the child away from her. Aunt lives a kilometer away. ...

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Aaron's Rock Your Socks sending you special man a HUUUUUGE thank you for never forgetting those sockless feet out there. Herewith the beginning of the next hand out. Our foot hero!! ...

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I was contacted by a desperate mom in Zambia who urgently needs a chair for her daughter who was born with cerebral palsy. No treatment there, no help at all. How to get the chair to Zambia was the challenge.
Melody Eggar the most industrious and kind compassionate soul- you have arranged transport for a child's wheelchair to Zambia!!!! Steff Myers 2 pulled this one off!
Bless you and whomever has agreed to take this chair for little Prisca. She is 11 years old, born premature, her legs are badly affected. With no intervention those legs are bent at the hips and knees. She is heavy now and her mom can't carry her on her back anymore. Children like this little one have totally normal intelligence... Not going out is devastating.
Melody.... You have done such a huge something here. Now to access the chair. Need to cover costs and purchase it. Lenny Chita

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Need to get a child's wheelchair to Zambia. Any suggestions or offers? ...

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Looking for any Ngos or businesses who operate in Snake Park Soweto. Very poor community living on mine dump. Looking to help with the many cerebral palsy children - apparently from acid mine drainage and uranium poisening.
If anyone knows who is responsible for abandoned mines pls share with us.

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