• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Sediba Thuto Primary School


Located in Mapetla, Soweto, our 1000m sq vegetable garden is planted on the former rubbish dump of this school.

We recognised that the standard of education needed to be uplifted in this school, to this end we introduced various initiatives which have gone a long way in bringing dignity and support to the children, parents and staff at the school.

Most of the pupils attending this school are from child /grandmother/sick mother headed households.  Since our arrival in 2012, we have been integral to the school’s survival and success (our thriving vegetable garden project as well as assistance in times of need). This is the only Tswana speaking school in the area and closure of this school will be very costly for parents who want an education in Tswana.

  • We have not only restocked a looted Grade 0/R classrooms, provided emotional support after a scandal erupted, and financed emergency infrastructure repairs, but we have provided enrichment programs and hosted educational and fun events in which learners have been involved.
  • Through networking and collaboration with the Kirsty Watts Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education, a new grade R classroom was built out of recycled bottles. This was necessary to alleviate overcrowding.
  • We have supplied nearly 200 children with school shoes, thanks to the Kirsty Watts Foundation, The Angel Network, and private funding.
  • We assist desperately impoverished children by buying school uniforms.
  • Parents/caregivers from this school access vegetables easily and very reasonably from the vegetable garden on the property.


  • 1800+ children reached since 2012
  • R1.87m saved by the community just because the school remained open and there was access to free education for these children.
  • Access to learning for Tswana children.
  • New classroom has increased capacity and reduced overcrowding and increased the potential of the school to be one of preschool excellence
  • Our efforts have resulted in a the school being uplifted and the infrastructure improved.
  • We have impacted the NGO’s working at the school who dont have to relocate, the school itself, parents/caregivers, teachers, learners, the community and the Department of Education.



A brand new grade R classroom built from recycled water bottles                             New school uniforms




                          New school shoes











To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


King Edward VII School you are just fantastic. I distributed your blankets to a school way way out at the other end of Soweto. Here are some of the recipients. ...

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Aaron's Rock Your Socks eventually pictures arrived of the handout in Alex in May. Thank you little big guy - you have made those freezing days for these shack dwelling little ones a little more bearable. Having warm feet changes your entire experience of your day.
Kelly-Ann Van Der Meer and Johannesburg Mini Council thank you for these Easter Eggs!

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Mandela Day is this Thursday, we have been lucky enough to be beneficiaries of the Nashua Children's Charity Foundation 67 minutes of goodwill.
We were asked to choose 6 little girls to represent us at a humongous party, for me this was a difficult request. We have so many children, all of them special, how to find those children who stand out in the crowd that I could send.....I decided that our special children will be those who have been through terrible trauma, and contacted Miranda Jordan of Women and Men Against Child Abuse. This phenomenal organisation has clinics where children who are about to testify against their abusers in court, are prepped. So now we have 6 little girls all ready to go represent us and be treated like princesses!
For little ones whose short lives have taken them through hell, and who live in abject poverty, this day is such a blessing. Thank you Helen Fraser of Nashua Children's Fund for this, But that's not all! There will be a big truck of donations that we will receive for distribution. We are truly blessed.

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For those of us who seek answers as to why some have it so hard, just the affirmation this week that everything happens for a reason, was very comforting. My encounter with the 2 tied up puppies has resulted in me connecting 2 giants in the world of animal rescue. Cannot give more details but I can rest knowing that animals in my hood of Soweto have some reason to celebrate. The most compassionate man who self funds sterilisations and runners on his meagre salary because he cannot stand the suffering in the squatter camps, is not alone anymore. ...

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There was a beautiful upside to the traumatic find of 2 puppies tied up for life to their kennel in Protea South squatter camp: I went back to the shack 2 hours later and the road was buzzing. I stood out like a sore thumb - a white woman arriving alone in a car whilst everyone else was walking. People glared at me, I dont blame them. I parked on the pavement of the house and a few men walked towards me staring at me, then passing me. One man got a chair and sat on the pavement outside the house, watching and listening. I knocked and Thando came out. I offered her help her with her dogs and waited for her to change their water. I finished up by telling her that I will put her dogs on runners. I was now ready to go, and had forgotten about the man. I was at my car when ours eyes met - oh wow. The look on his face was amazing. He was smiling at me with such love, that stoney glare was replaced with absolute radiance - such appreciation, it was palpable. I smiled back and told him that every living creature on this planet deserves a life. He agreed. I told him those puppies deserve one too, he agreed. And then I left. Kindness...its infectious. ...

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