• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Sediba Thuto Primary School


Located in Mapetla, Soweto, our 1000m sq vegetable garden is planted on the former rubbish dump of this school.

We recognised that the standard of education needed to be uplifted in this school, to this end we introduced various initiatives which have gone a long way in bringing dignity and support to the children, parents and staff at the school.

Most of the pupils attending this school are from child /grandmother/sick mother headed households.  Since our arrival in 2012, we have been integral to the school’s survival and success (our thriving vegetable garden project as well as assistance in times of need). This is the only Tswana speaking school in the area and closure of this school will be very costly for parents who want an education in Tswana.

  • We have not only restocked a looted Grade 0/R classrooms, provided emotional support after a scandal erupted, and financed emergency infrastructure repairs, but we have provided enrichment programs and hosted educational and fun events in which learners have been involved.
  • Through networking and collaboration with the Kirsty Watts Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education, a new grade R classroom was built out of recycled bottles. This was necessary to alleviate overcrowding.
  • We have supplied nearly 200 children with school shoes, thanks to the Kirsty Watts Foundation, The Angel Network, and private funding.
  • We assist desperately impoverished children by buying school uniforms.
  • Parents/caregivers from this school access vegetables easily and very reasonably from the vegetable garden on the property.


  • 1800+ children reached since 2012
  • R1.87m saved by the community just because the school remained open and there was access to free education for these children.
  • Access to learning for Tswana children.
  • New classroom has increased capacity and reduced overcrowding and increased the potential of the school to be one of preschool excellence
  • Our efforts have resulted in a the school being uplifted and the infrastructure improved.
  • We have impacted the NGO’s working at the school who dont have to relocate, the school itself, parents/caregivers, teachers, learners, the community and the Department of Education.



A brand new grade R classroom built from recycled water bottles                             New school uniforms




                          New school shoes











We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


The balance of nutritional ePap was handed to a rural hospital in Northern KZN 2 weeks ago, I wanted it to go to cerebral palsy children. This hospital is on the Mozambican border, mothers who are desperate climb through the fence from Mozam with children who are very ill, or profoundly brain damaged. They live in abject poverty here in SA, just so that their child can get some sort of medical care and therapy. These are the children I chose to get a nutritional supplement. Not that the SA mothers have it any easier, of course their children will eat as well. The intention was for those brave and anonymous children (who starve, yet live on love). At least those children with broken bodies will have some nourishment. ...

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We dropped off 5 × 25kg bags of ePap leftover from our Noah Project, in Northern KZN at Manguzi Hospital (beautiful rural hospital on Mozam border) Dropped off clothes and some walking sticks too, they will be handed out to children with disabities. We could never visit the area without making a drop off at the hospital. ...

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This one is for those who I meet out there, the incredibly courageous people who face such challenges with such dignity.... ...

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