• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre [SPCCC]


The SPCC is our informal partner.  This organisation of social workers and counsellors tend to the emotional needs of 1000 + desperate child/grandmother/sick mother headed households, while we attend to their physical needs.

We know that children growing up in poverty with poor living conditions are vulnerable, and through the eyes of the SPCCC we have been privy to the despair and turmoil of this unfortunate community.

The SPCCC assist us tremendously with cultural and language difficulties. We assist them by arranging and organising material donations and collections:

  • We are there to arrange more specific issues for individual children as well. We bring in donations of blankets and Easter Eggs, food, linen (from Tsogo Sun) and toiletries for distribution.
  • We accompany the SPCCC into the squatter camps, hostels and back yard shacks.
  • We have found differently – abled children that we have assisted, we arrange equipment for them.
  • We have found very ill children as well, we transport them to hospital.
  • We had 100 waterproof Streetsleepers (sleeping bags) made up for shack dwelling children who freeze in winter, thanks to the Angel Network.

Every December we host a huge party for these impoverished children. We have partnered with Santa Shoebox Project, they so kindly make up a few hundred filled gift shoeboxes for these children. We need about 600 extra boxes however, as we discover needy children right up until the week before the party. The Angel Network always assist us with this project, as do many well wishes, who over the years, who have become very involved with this aspect.

This year we embarked on a massive sanitary pad distribution campaign which saw 80 girls from grade 8 upwards getting a supply sufficient to keep them in school for the entire year, they generally stay at home during menstruation.  Many school days are lost by girls who don’t attend school for 5 days of the month. Last year the Angel Network funded 50 menstrual cups for teenagers that the SPCCC oversee.

For the last few years we have been the fortunate beneficiaries of over 6000 Easter Eggs, kindly collected by Johannesburg Mini Council and King Edward School and The Angel Network which we distribute. Warm The World, King Edward School (KES) and Rotary Rosebank have assisted us with countless blankets, some warmth for freezing winter living in a shack.


  • R562000 Worth of Christmas shoeboxes, linen, and this year specially made up sleeping bags for children living in shacks (streetsleepers).
  • R300000 of clothing, blankets and food distributed in 2017.
  • R31000 Worth of sanitary pads sand Menstrual Cups distributed: 130 Girls who are counselled by the SPCCC potentially did not miss school this year –  this resulted in a renewed commitment to education. Attending school affords them a greater possibility of passing matric one day, as well as increased access to education.
  • 4000+ individuals were assisted, we reached 2000+ generous donors who gave to our initiatives.
  • We assisted and enriched the services that the SPCCC carry out, they are the only organisation of social workers that we know to be operating in the area.
  • Dignity and self confidence so many learners, warmth and comfort for a hundreds in a community and an Easter Egg treat for children.
  • Equipment for children who are differently – abled.
  • We impacted on schools, parents/caregivers, teachers, fellow classmates, the entire community as well as the Department of Education.



We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation is running a maths program in a very poorly performing school in Soweto. We are taking grade 8 learners back to where the problem started, grade 3/4 maths. This program is phenomenal, its being run by Lord of Singapore Maths South Africa. Learners are getting e'Pap Technology before the lesson on a Saturday (children take 4 packets), and The Family Life Centre has run a counselling program with the children.
Our numbers have dwindled and I insisted on them being tested to see their maths skills, the results appeared to be very so -so. Whew was I disappointed. I
went to the school this week to discuss with them who will be invited to the incredible day that we have planned at the end of September.
Wow. I should have done this months ago. The head of department at the school, and the teacher who oversees the needs of the most needy children happened to meet me. They told me they had smiled all morning when they looked at the list of learners Lord had identified to be invited, our 'frequent flyers'.
They were essentially the children who had absolutely nothing. They came from the most poverty stricken families, they had no clothes or school shoes, they have seen the worst of humankind. These children saw a future for themselves. They were determined to lift themselves out of poverty. These are the children who we are assisting! I have long noticed that look of despair in their eyes and the threadbare clothes many wear, but I didnt put two and two together.
Going back to our aim of the program, there is was: to develop a love for maths and instill self confidence in children.
The Noah Project is a resounding success. Marks are not the issue here, we are building children who live in hell. So so proud.

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Remember this little man, Tumelo? I carried him out of his shocking shack 2 years ago, weighing just 13kg, aged 9. He was covered in faeces, had no clothes and was covered by a dirty towel. Rats had bitten off the tIps of some of his toes. Matthew Du Plessis of the SA Human Rights Commission stepped in to facilitate his removal.

Here he is today, bless Little Eden Society. Still in his own world, but thriving. Sister Maritza....bless you again.Moira Simpson of Kids Haven took in his siblings and cousin. Thank heavens for such wonderful people with such huge hearts. Michael Said

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Another good day helping dogs and a cat in the squatter camp. Two more dogs taken for sterilization, one put on a wire runner. Warmest thank you to Tercia Smith of Marltons pet products for the donation of deworming liquid and collars, as well as Jen Mills of Ascendis Health. The collars we will keep for dogs who have been tied up to kennels, they will be part of the runners. ...

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God bless those who make it their life's work to care for the helpless. We salute you Little Eden Society who have taken in Meshack and Shadrack, the twins who lived in such deprivation and who so desperately need assistance as their little bodies become weaker and more debilitated. Their parents have cared for them with love and devotion for 6 years now from home - a shack - in Protea South Squatter camp. As they get older things will get more demanding for mom, she has a 3 month old baby as well. Mealtimes will take hours as they struggle to eat. Enter wonderful Sister Maritza, she is in charge of the home. She has also seen the boys plight and is familiar with their home circumstances from FB. She took them in, not flinching that there were 2 of them, recognizing this was a lifesaving move. Their lives would have been shortened and filled with much suffering if she hadnt take pity on them. Here they will be fed full bowls of food (they just ate and ate and ate), and then had dessert. They will have therapy and even have a juccuzi weekly. Meshi has so deteriorated over the last 8 months, he is a shadow of who he was, he is now worse than Shadi. They will have their own beds, therapy, and hours of stimulation. Mom will come visit, but their survival won't depend on her anymore. Isn't this what its all about - fellow human beings trying make life bearable for those who are born into such terrible adversity? ...

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