• NPO registration number: 145-107 NPO
  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
  • Standard Bank Balfour Park
  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Soweto Parent and Child Counselling Centre [SPCCC]


The SPCC is our informal partner.  This organisation of social workers and counsellors tend to the emotional needs of 1000 + desperate child/grandmother/sick mother headed households, while we attend to their physical needs.

We know that children growing up in poverty with poor living conditions are vulnerable, and through the eyes of the SPCCC we have been privy to the despair and turmoil of this unfortunate community.

The SPCCC assist us tremendously with cultural and language difficulties. We assist them by arranging and organising material donations and collections:

  • We are there to arrange more specific issues for individual children as well. We bring in donations of blankets and Easter Eggs, food, linen (from Tsogo Sun) and toiletries for distribution.
  • We accompany the SPCCC into the squatter camps, hostels and back yard shacks.
  • We have found differently – abled children that we have assisted, we arrange equipment for them.
  • We have found very ill children as well, we transport them to hospital.
  • We had 100 waterproof Streetsleepers (sleeping bags) made up for shack dwelling children who freeze in winter, thanks to the Angel Network.

Every December we host a huge party for these impoverished children. We have partnered with Santa Shoebox Project, they so kindly make up a few hundred filled gift shoeboxes for these children. We need about 600 extra boxes however, as we discover needy children right up until the week before the party. The Angel Network always assist us with this project, as do many well wishes, who over the years, who have become very involved with this aspect.

This year we embarked on a massive sanitary pad distribution campaign which saw 80 girls from grade 8 upwards getting a supply sufficient to keep them in school for the entire year, they generally stay at home during menstruation.  Many school days are lost by girls who don’t attend school for 5 days of the month. Last year the Angel Network funded 50 menstrual cups for teenagers that the SPCCC oversee.

For the last few years we have been the fortunate beneficiaries of over 6000 Easter Eggs, kindly collected by Johannesburg Mini Council and King Edward School and The Angel Network which we distribute. Warm The World, King Edward School (KES) and Rotary Rosebank have assisted us with countless blankets, some warmth for freezing winter living in a shack.


  • R562000 Worth of Christmas shoeboxes, linen, and this year specially made up sleeping bags for children living in shacks (streetsleepers).
  • R300000 of clothing, blankets and food distributed in 2017.
  • R31000 Worth of sanitary pads sand Menstrual Cups distributed: 130 Girls who are counselled by the SPCCC potentially did not miss school this year –  this resulted in a renewed commitment to education. Attending school affords them a greater possibility of passing matric one day, as well as increased access to education.
  • 4000+ individuals were assisted, we reached 2000+ generous donors who gave to our initiatives.
  • We assisted and enriched the services that the SPCCC carry out, they are the only organisation of social workers that we know to be operating in the area.
  • Dignity and self confidence so many learners, warmth and comfort for a hundreds in a community and an Easter Egg treat for children.
  • Equipment for children who are differently – abled.
  • We impacted on schools, parents/caregivers, teachers, fellow classmates, the entire community as well as the Department of Education.



We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


The initial results of the Noah Project questionnaires that the grade 8 learners who have participated in the Noah Project have come out. From January 2019 we have been taking a high school of grade 8 learners back weekly to the level that their benchmark maths tests placed them on - grade 3 - in lessons designed by Singapore Maths South Africa. We are trying to slot a maths foundation. The most incredible bunch of tutors give the experiential lessons, they are so loved and are so kind to the learners. We can see an entire change in the mindset. They are beginning to believe in themselves, they are realising that maths is not as scary as they thought. They are so enjoying those lessons! They get e'Pap Technology to eat before each session, most like it and a few don't, but those who like it have taken home 5 packets. They all understand it gives them energy. They are having counselling too, this also got a good score. What a program - the most intense we have ever done. It is a pilot study and we literally have problem solved weekly.
To everyone who has worked as hard as we have, especially our amazing tutors (who don't beat the learners - so sad that this was one of the comments) - bless you all.

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'I will never forget this day, 1 May' was the message sent to me on whatsapp by Lenny, mom of little Prisca, who lives in Zambia.

Prisca is already a teenager and finally has a wheelchair of her own which guarantees her independence. Her legs dont work as ours do, other than that she is a teenager like any other, she just grew up in a place where there isn't adequate healthcare. She is now mobile and soon she will be whizzing around her village Lulumba, in Chingola. Thankfully this chair is an all- terrain wheelchair. A regular chair wouldn't last long on those surfaces.

To The Paige magnificent people!!!!! This chair came to you and you allowed it to be earmarked for Prisca. You have given this little family a new life, thank you so humbly. To Melody Eggar whose husband Harold made sure that the chair arrived are my absolute very best. Sean Kennedy from SKF Zambia LTD, you loaded this chair onto your truck in SA and delivered it to the family in Zambia. And lastly to Ruth Stubbs who works for the Paige Project, you have dedicated your life to children like Prisca, collecting previously used disability equipment from all over the province for similar children. May a million blessings fall upon you from the heavens.

People suffer so much in Africa, just to have brought some joy to a little one and her mother is such therapy for the soul!

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Looking for a therapist (perhaps doing community service and who lives in Joburg) who works in a rural community. Need to take aluminium walking sticks to hand out FOR FREE to the needy in those communities out in the middle of nowhere. These sticks are from Rotary Northcliff and are intended to help those who have nothing. They are not to be sold. Please inbox me, I need to distribute them. ...

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To our Aaron's Rock Your Socks, the giant soul who looks after our poorest of poor.... Thank you again. Eventually we handed out socks this weekend, all courtesy of you. Bless you. ...

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Northcliff Rotary Club my heart is filled with such admiration and love for you. Dave Woodhouse, you and your team have operated out of an underground parking lot in the middle of town for umpteen years, selfless dedication. The oldest and the youngest with physical limitations come looking for disability equipment. There is something for everyone here at reduced rates or for free if needs be. Containers filled with previously loved wheelchairs and more arrive regularly from various countries and every Friday the shop opens from 12 pm to 2pm. Thank you for this service to humanity. ...

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