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  • NGO registration number: IT 159/2011
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930 036 635
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  • Branch Code: 051001
  • Account no: 331 784 408

Who We Are

Boikanyo means to have Faith. The NGO was named after 2 inspirational souls: Boikanyo, a dynamic special 8 year old child, and Dion Herson a philanthropist who loved giving to others.

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation is a non profit organization working with indigent children and their caregivers in impoverished township communities within Gauteng.

Nurturing vulnerable and at-risk youth, whether they are able-bodied or differently-abled. We view children holistically, we believe a child has a greater chance if issues are tackled from more than one angle.

We alleviate poverty through networking and partnering with experts in the field. We work a lot with schools, focusing on keeping impoverished children from dropping out by augmenting maths and life skills programs.

Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation’s  first project was focused on food security and upskilling caregivers in the community. We planted a 1000m sq vegetable garden at Sediba Thuto High Primary School in Soweto in 2012.  This vegetable garden project afforded us opportunities to gain insight into the multi-factorial challenges facing young people growing up in dire poverty. The children (and caregivers)  whom we assist generally live in child/grandmother and sick mother headed households. Poverty, starvation, crime, abuse, sugar daddies, poor health care, sub optimal schooling and drugs are but some of the many problems they face.

One undeniable fact remains; without education the children of the area have a bleak future. Of the 2019 matric (grade 12) graduation group, only  37% of the children who enrolled in grade 1 wrote the final exams, 12 years later. There are a multitude of problems these children live with, which lessens the likelihood of completing school.


  • Almost R4,4m ($311003,53) of programs, donations and campaigns for the children and their caregivers in Protea South, Mapetla, Chiawelo and surrounds.
  • We have instilled a love for maths in hundreds of children who have been part of our maths/life skills initiatives (Noah Project) at 2 high schools in the area. The participating learners gained a sense of great self worth and accomplishment.
  • In 2020, another 200 children at Glenridge Primary School will benefit from maths and life skills programs. They too will be part of the Noah Project.
  • We secured the construction of a grade R classroom, built from water bottles, at Sediba Thuto High Primary school.
  • We have touched the lives of over 12600 children with: blankets for warmth, comfort, cleanliness, dignity, economic opportunities, less absenteeism, full tummy, extra lessons, treats, facilitating education, an improved future, school attendance, improved pass rate, improved morale, comfy feet – shoes and socks, hope, jerseys and school uniforms, humanitarian assistance, disability equipment, veggies, better schooling, life skills programs, access to human rights advocacy.

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Heavens very special angels sent to us to care for...Burgersfort fitting 11 children into buggies beginning of Feb....some mothers have such challenges.
Bless these little ones.
We need to renovate more buggies to take to more deep rural areas. R5000 per buggy. Children at last can sit, eat, speak better, eat better and live a better quality of life with buggies. New ones are just unaffordable for these children.

Next stop is Mpumalanga within the next few weeks. A group of little ones living in a deep rural area there is about to get their delivery.

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Just returned home from a round -the- town trip from Protea South squatter camp to Woodrock Animal Rescue in Hennops River. Gideon Morar from
Gideon's Animal Outreach joined us on a visit to educate and assist with pets in the squatter camp. We picked up this little laddie, literally on his last legs. So thin, lethargic and anaemic, he just stood, he couldnt much move. Little guy was taken to Woodrock, emergency rehydration given, and rushed off to the vet. Turns out its just sheer neglect: worms, and covered in ticks and fleas. He is gonna be fine. He will be snapped up for adoption quickly, he is just gorgeous. Wendy Rubenstein

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3 weeks ago

Boikanyo, The Dion Herson Foundation
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Sunday was one of those special days that are forever etched in ones mind: the fitting of cerebral palsy children in rural Limpopo into buggies. A gift from above. There is something so ethereal in knowing that you have done something for a child which will enhance their lives, enable them to eat better, speak better, and perhaps live longer. The look on a child of 11's face who is sitting without flopping over for the first time in their lives is unforgettable. Such was the day. Just unreal.

Thanks goes to the following people, organisations and companies: The Paige Project, Amy Pogir, Value Logistics, Geppettos World, Wendy Rubenstein, Shirley Norval, Kirsty Watts Foundation, Light A Sparke

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This morning the most special company, Value Logistics, came to collect buggies to be sent up to a group of cerebral palsy children who live in the middle of rural nowhere - Burgersfort Limpopo. These children were born with cerebral palsy and some are teenagers already. They have either been carried around up until now, or have had to stay at home when the family go out.
The Paige Project sourced the pre owned buggies, a group of very special grade 11 s from King David High School raised the money to renovate them. Judy Winer from Light A Sparke organised umteen blankets as has Wendy Rubenstein. Geppettos World has donated therapy mats for this little centre in a place forgotten.
Next weekend is the fitting, we will be making our way out there.

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