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Chair’ished Children

Our Causes Chairished Children

Assisting at-risk vulnerable children with special needs

Chair’ished Children is our flagship project that has provided hundreds of specialised wheelchairs, buggies, to impoverished children born with cerebral palsy in deep rural South Africa. This initiative takes us to areas which are remote and inaccessible, where there are so few resources and caring for a profoundly disabled child is not easy at all.. The sight of an elderly caregiver carrying a disabled teenager on her back is disturbing, and we seek to remedy that.

Most of the children we fit into buggies have waited years for a mobility device, tragically some die waiting.





We have fitted groups of children in deep rural KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga.


We also provide buggies to individual children who live in informal settlements, in Gauteng who don’t qualify for a buggy – children who don’t have a South African birth certificate fall into this category.