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The Angel Network SAThank you, thank you... Onwards and upwards... Next Goal 50%...please help us help those in need!!

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This weekend I get to take some wonderful people to spend with my favourite people: we are going to Mpumalanga to fit 4 children with cerebral palsy into buggies which were renovated - sponsored by a group of grade 11 learners at King David High School. The most disadvantaged of folk here live in the rural areas. No one see them,, no one cares for them. Out of sight means out of mind. Yet the mothers and grandmothers (sometimes older siblings if everyone else is deceased) love these children with all their heart and soul. Giving the gift of a proper wheelchair has to be one of the most magnificent gifts one could give. Those children are much so that perhaps this love keeps them alive. It's certainly not food. Most cant eat much because they cant chew. They are forced to sit for years twisted all day long, or lie on boney areas which may cause bedsores. They never look anyone eye to eye without a proper buggy, and they are forced to stay at home when everyone goes out.
We are so excited to bring this gift from The Paige Project to Mpumalanga, as well as blankets from 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day (South Africa) , 1500 Easter Eggs from Johannesburg Mini Council , clothes from Rotary Anns and transport from Value Logistics

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Whew a bit of a reality check. In rural Zululand stands an inspirational preschool. Its run by a teacher who paid for her own education, and started up a beautiful little school. Last year we sent ePap to the area, her school was a beneficiary.
To see what Bachazile created can make you cry. Her school consists of precious nothing by our standards, yet everything down to the sewn together e'Pap bag floor covering, and the hand washer outside is improvised, self created, and functional.
We would love to see her and the little ones she is teaching get more, not necessarily new things, second hand is also okay.
Please can you help us to help her? Donations for this amazing woman, be they monetary or goods. Please, everything must be in a working order and any games must have all the pieces.

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Help Needed for an amazing school in the middle of nowhere:
This morning my friend Gideon van der Merwe of Mtunzini Rotary sent on a whatsapp which had affected him profoundly. Last year we sent tons of e'Pap to them to distribute amongst the thousands of beneficiaries, mostly child head households in the poorest desperate communities surrounding them. Today he got this:

Bachazille, a pre-primary teacher who we gave ePAP to last year has now opened her school again. She took the ePAP bags, sewed them together to create a floor covering. We will be giving her books for the school. It's a beautiful story. Such a contrast to our own pre-primary who complains about seeing a container over their wall!!'

We need to support this incredible school with a marvelous principal. This school has NOTHING in it, and despite this, something has been created from nothing.'

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