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To all the brave women out there who have fought the COVID battle in some is ours. We have done 5 months of it, we can do more. That feeling of burnout...
They tell us that Gauteng, E Cape and W Cape have peaked....dont know what that means on the ground. There are still very ill people in hospital, lockdown persists, and famine stalks us.
We will carry on doing what we must, we are strong and resolute.
This time of COVID has come to teach us something, I have no idea what it is. For those who have for the most part been uninvolved in the battle, I invite you to team up with superwoman who is making a difference, and see how amazing it feels to be part of the solution instead.
Heaven know we need the help.....
Sisters...Happy Womans Day.

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I read various news publications over the last few days with absolute rage. To think that so many have done so much to try to feed the nation - something that is the job of a government. To see the 'feeding frenzy' that has ensued with everyone and their uncle who are politically connected, get lucritive contracts...I am in tears.
I cannot forget the picture in my head of the grandmother in Jozini (the area where children are 3 to 5 times hungrier than anywhere else in SA), standing next to her starving dogs and growth stunted grandchildren. I asked her when last everyone ate, she just threw out her arms to her sides and said 'no food'.
This is the reality of these bastards who literally are responsible for crimes against humanity. They are pocketing huge sums of money meant for the starving. Not the hungry - the starving.
Our NGO has relied on other sources of funding for running costs during this time. Any money raised for the starving goes directly to those in the deep rural areas.
How dare government award one anothers spouses and children these contracts?
I am finished from this. May they rot in hell.
But its not enough to just throw up our hands and lament this. One needs to lay a complaint against the government with the Office of the public Protector. We as a society need to empower ourselves and do something as well. The OPP is inundated, lets flood them with more.

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Thank you to special people who havent gone into 'COVID shock' and who have donated blankets so generously. Michele Benatar, and Britt Seligman who runs Jutor, an organisation which has collected 260 blankets for the rural areas already. Imagine being freezing and starving.. ...

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Fingertips of Africa, and to you Yehuda Lazarus, your donation is going to the Transkei either at the end of this week, or beginning of next. Packets of clothes, maize meal, and blankets- the most valuable commodity right now. Huge huge donation, thank you special man for remembering the rural areas. Bless you! ...

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Lets speak up and support the GBVF #ITSNOTOK movement. Visit the website and pledge your support. We need to stand together to eradicate this pandemic in out society. GBVF #iITSNOTOK ...

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